Our Ranch

The Code 3 Cattle Co. Ranch is 600 acres of prime pasture and timber land. We maintain a herd of Brangus cattle, raising the calves on mommas milk, grass, and creep feed for a good blend of nutrients and flavor. The calves are moved regularly and given clean water and free range minerals and creep feed at all times. No growth hormones are used on our cattle, and the only treatments administered are those deemed necessary for the health of the animal by our local veterinary and our farm manager, Nick Pagan, who is responsible for the upkeep of the animals daily.

We raise chickens for both eggs and meat. They are allowed to free range with the cattle with their egg mobile for a clean processed meat that has no additives, chemicals or drugs in our entire process from farm to table.

In our garden we grow crops of vegatables of all kinds. Our bees help keep our ecosystem and garden running strong and provides us with some great, pure, local, raw honey.