Frequently Asked Questions

Is your beef grass-fed?

Our calves are raised on mommas milk, grass and creep feed. Creep feeding is the practice of providing supplemental feed (grain or forage) to nursing calves. A lactating beef cow can supply only 50 percent of the nutrients a three- to four-month-old calf needs to maximize growth. Depending on availability and quality, forage may not be able to supply the other 50 percent of nutrients the calf needs. Nutrient deficiency is more pronounced when calves graze late summer or drought stricken pastures, and during the winter when no grazing is available. This produces a well nourished cow and beef that is lean and flavorful.

Where do you get your beef?

All our beef is born, bred, and raised on the family ranch near El Dorado, Arkansas. We can tell you almost anything about the animal you consume from bloodlines, health history, temperament, etc. 

Who butchers your beef?

Our calves are processed with no additives, just pure beef, by a local butcher.

How will my beef be packaged?

All your beef will come in vacuum-sealed packages. 

How do I get beef or other products purchased on the website?

Currently when you purchase online, the order is placed and we hold it for you to pick up at the farm. Alternatively delivery can be arranged, just call to discuss. Shipping is coming soon.

Are there any additives to your beef?

No. You are getting a 100% natural product, unlike store-bought beef uses additives to keep meat red in appearance. 

Do you give your cattle growth hormones?

No. We don't believe in using growth hormones, plus it actually causes tougher meat in a final product.   

Do you use antibiotics?

We are stewards of our animals, the environment and antibiotics for animal use. If an animal becomes sick, we do treat the animal. Antibiotics are given only if necessary, and usually just once to the animal that needs it.  

What weight are the ground beef packages?

Ground beef and stew meat come in 1 pound packages.