arm Fresh Beef by Code 3 Cattle Co.

Farm Fresh Pasture Raised Beef

Code 3 Cattle produces quality, farm fresh, pasture raised beef not found in your store. With beef from Code 3 Cattle, you can defy expectations with juicy steaks, delicious roasts, and amazing burgers without having to leave your home. We use no added hormones, additives or unnecessary antibiotics producing great tasting, high quality, healthy holistic beef. This is quality beef that you can’t find at the supermarket!

Family Owned and Operated

Code 3 Cattle Co. was started by the Johnson family as a first generation farm family In June of 2019 to provide a better healthier food option locally. It all started with a few bee hives and then expanded into a few cows. The herd grew and soon chickens were added for eggs, and gardens were planted to provide the family with fresh vegetables. Our bees keep our ecosystem and garden running strong and provides us with some great, pure, raw honey. On YouTube Nick Johnson discovered Joel Salatin and Gabe Brown and many other great teachers of land and stock management, using holistic, regenerative ranching techniques that allows nature to work as it should. The family, including the kids, soon learned how to be self-sufficient and live off the land.

Family Owned